Extension of Staff (Augmenting Agency Staff)

Often an Agency wants to start performing systems engineering within their organization. They may believe it is the correct approach for the organization or the FHWA rule requires a systems engineering analysis on federally funded ITS projects. Whatever the reason, a low-risk approach used by organizations is to issue a Systems Engineering Services contract that would bring SE staff into the organization for a project or kick-start a Systems Engineering practice for a period to time to complete the required tasks.

ASE has experience in augmenting the organization with SE staff that would work with the agency to develop the practice, to write SE processes, Statements of Work, help hire SE talent for the Agency. ASE has worked with agencies to develop requirements, write Concepts of Operation, Verification, and Validation, support the Agency with the technical review of documentation and Design reviews with the Agency for specific projects. ASE performing has provided Project Management support to Agencies to perform scheduling, status reporting, and risk management activities.

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