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Michael E. Krueger (ASE Services, INC), Author of the Systems Engineering Guidebook for ITS, specializes in Systems Engineering consulting, performing and training in Concept Exploration, Concept of Operations, Requirements development, Configuration Management, and Verification and Validation for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Mr. Krueger has over 30 years of electronics experience from hardware and software design to large systems development. Mr. Krueger worked at Hughes Aircraft Co. Ground Systems Group in Fullerton, working on requirements development and process improvement activities.

In 1989, Mr. Krueger co-founded the Hughes Transportation Business Unit and led two mission analysis studies in Intelligent Transportation Systems (Formally Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems) these studies resulted in the Hughes team’s successful proposal effort for the initial phase of the Intelligent Transportation Highway Systems National Architecture.

Since 1997, Mr. Krueger has been involved with Systems Engineering support and training to Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Mr. Krueger developed the first Systems Engineering Training Course for ITS; the training course became the basis for the current Systems Engineering course that is taught throughout the country for Public Transportation Agencies in all 50 states.

Mr. Krueger developed the Systems Engineering Guidebook for ITS; this seminal work is the first of its kind for the Transportation domain. Mr. Krueger serves both as an Instructor and a domain expert for the Federal Highway Administration in Systems Engineering.

Mr. Krueger is an Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) reference number #0005 from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Mr. Krueger is the former Chair of the CSEP Certification Advisory Group (CAG) which is the managing body for the INCOSE CSEP certification program; the certification activities include writing test items for the CSEP exam and refreshing the CSEP questions each year. Mr. Krueger is the co-editor for the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook Version 3.1 and 3.2.

Nancy A. Rantowich

Nancy A. Rantowich - ASE Services, Inc.Ms. Rantowich has been performing Systems Engineering and Analysis for the last 30 years. She has assessed and compared the value of alternative architectures and systems for traveler information systems, automated highway systems, and national intelligent transportation architectures. Ms. Rantowich has been involved with Intelligent Transportation since 1990 when she presented the systems engineering approach to develop the National ITS Architecture at the first IVHS America conference. Ms. Rantowich was the head of the Hughes Aircraft Company’s Studies and Analysis (Mission Analysis) Department. In addition to Defense and Aerospace studies, her department performed three studies in Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Employment History

  • 2002-present: Advanced Systems Engineering (ASE Services, INC), Senior Systems Analyst
  • 1999-2002:  Systems Engineering and Analysis Consulting.  Senior Systems Analyst.
  • 1981-1999:  Hughes Aircraft Company.  Head of Studies and Analysis.
  • 1979-1981:  Consolidation Coal Company.  Scientific Analyst.

Ms. Rantowich has led the Systems Engineering Analysis on the following projects:

  • New York City Transit – Causal analysis for Customer Contact with Trains (CCWT).
  • Boston Medical – Developed the Integrated Clinical Environment Concept of Operations
  • Needs and Requirements Analysis and Systems Engineering for various transportation-related projects (2006-present, ASE Consulting)
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (2002-2005, ASE Consulting)
  • Corridor-Wide Advanced Traveler Information System (2000-2001, Caltrans)
  • Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Architecture Benefit/Cost Study (1989-1991, Hughes Aircraft Co., Department of Transportation)
  • Fiber Optics usage alternatives Study (1986-1987, Hughes Aircraft Co.)
  • Alternative Communications Utility Study, Pilot Project (1999, Lockheed Martin)
  • EHF Communications Benefit/Cost Analysis, Phase 2 (2000, Lockheed Martin)
  • EHF Communications Benefit/Cost Analysis (1999, Lockheed Martin)
  • Satellite Communications Benefit/Cost Study (1997, 1998, Hughes, Raytheon)
  • EHF Communications Benefit/Cost Study (1997, Hughes, US Navy)
  • Wideband Communications Benefit/Cost Study (1997, Hughes, US Navy)
  • Wideband Communications Benefit/Cost Study (1996, 1997 Hughes, Raytheon)
  • Cross-border traffic (CN) Cost/Benefit Study (1990-1991, Hughes Aircraft Co.)
  • Cross-border traffic (CN) Planning (1991, Hughes Aircraft Co.)
  • Sensor Suite Alternatives Cost/Effectiveness Study (1985, Hughes Aircraft Co.)

Papers Submitted/Presented/Published:

  • “Southern California Priority Corridor “Corridor-Wide Advanced Transportation Management System (CW-ATMS) Study” (submitted to CAATS, 2001)
  • “Southern California Priority Corridor “Corridor-Wide Advanced Traveler Information System (CW-ATIS) Study” (ITSA, 2001)
  • "Intelligent Vehicle Highways Systems Architectures", Intelligent Vehicle Highway Society of America, March, 1991
  • “The Automated Highway: Concepts for Development”, by Carol Jacoby, Nancy Rantowich, Thomas McKendree, Steven Schuster, ITS Quarterly, 1996 Summer Issue, Vol IV, #3 (page 31-38).
  • "Sea/Land-based TMD in the Contingency Theater", Military Operations Research Society Symposium, June, 1993

Professional Societies

  • ORSA (Operations Research Society of America)/INFORMS
  • MORS (Military Operations Research Society)


BA, Mathematics, Cum Laude, University of Rochester, NY

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